Monday, 6 August 2012

Boyd and Beyond 2

The speaking list for Boyd and Beyond is now out, and I thought I'd share it here for those who are interested. Not least because I'm officially now on the list, a rather intimidating prospect, but one I'm thoroughly looking forward to.

Boyd and Beyond 2012

Chet Richards: Closing the OODA Loop: Boyd, the Conceptual Spiral, and the Meaning of Life (60 min)

Greg Wilcox: Boyd's: People, Ideas, and Things, In That Order (30 min)

Dr. Terry Barnhart : Ten-Minute Teaching Modules throughout conference

The Rise of the Marines

Brigadier General Stacy Clardy USMC: John Boyd, Quantico and Marine Corps Enlightenment (60 min)

Captain Paul Tremblay USMC: Boyd and Bravo Company: Tempo in Ground Combat (60 min)

Boyd and the Real World

Katya Drozdova: Afghanistan, Force and Tempo (30 min)

Marshall Wallace: NGO Team Decision Cycles in Crisis: Boyd in Action (30 min)

Mike Miller: The Boyd Archives: Lecture and Tour Round-Robin

Concurrent in classroom: Case Method Instructors (Bruce Gudmundsson/Damien O’Connell).

GI Wilson: How it Happened

Sid Heal: The Five-Dimensional Battlespace (60 min)

Fred Leland: The Anatomy of Victory : Winning at Low Cost (60 min)

Adam Elkus: OODA and Robotic Weapons (30 min)

Pete Turner: Human Terrain Systems and COIN (30 min)

Tom Hayden: Boyd and COIN (60 min)

Mike Grice: The Second O: The Effect of COIN on Orientation (30 min)

Boyd and Business

Jake Wood and William McNulty: Boyd and Bureaucracy: Starting Rubicon (90 min)

David Diehl: Boyd in the Cyber Conflict Domain (30 min)

Mike Grice & Jonathan Brown: Boyd Cycle in High-Pressure Business (30 min)

1330-1500 Boyd and Your Brain

Chris Cox: Boyd and Politics (30 min)

Michael Moore: WinBowl II (60 min)

1515-1545 Boyd and Beyond IV Silicon Valley Spring 2013
My own piece will be a look at the way in which we can draw together Boyd's ideas on speed and efficiency of approach into political campaigns. I'm in the process of writing a more significant article on this to frame some of my ideas and look forward to sharing it with you in the near future.

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