Wednesday, 25 July 2012

More law enforcement disruption

I recently found out about a site called The Silk Road. Well worth reading up on, the site is 'hidden', in the sense that users must access it through TOR. This ensures that all users are anonymous from the outset, and further, guarantees they will have a certain (low) level of technical skill online, this ensures that the clientel of the site are of a standard which the operators are comfortable with.

And what does The Silk Road do? Well, it's a drug market. Simple as that. Whatever you can imagine is for sale, from heroin, to steroids, to plain ol marijuana. Set up to emulate sites like Amazon sellers are rated and ranked. It's easy to find what you need. Ultimately it's all about user convenience.

User privacy is further protected by allowing purchases only in anonymous bitcoins. Due to it's nature this online currency is almost untracable (absolutely untracable if certain precautions are taken), and has a real world value, along with plenty of people who will buy them up. Currently 1 bitcoin is worth around 8-9 dollars, and for the most part has steadily risen over the last few years since it's inception.

So, right now, there's a website which allows the purchase of virtually any illegal drug, provides (indeed demands) anonymity, and is self policing.

At what point is the war on drugs lost?

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