Thursday, 21 June 2012

Recommended reading

This piece by General Petraeus, who lists out the 6 reasons he believes it is important that more military officers attend university (grad school). Article comes with a hat tip to the David Betz over at Kings of War. In summary, the reasons are:
  1. It takes officers out of their intellectual comfort zones
  2. Exposes the officer to different and diverse viewpoints
  3. Provides general intellectual capital, which may be of use in "outside the box" thinking
  4. Helps develop communication skills
  5. Helps develop critical thinking
  6. Encourages a sense of intellectual humility
My personal belief is that these are key skills to anyone anywhere, and should be cultivated from whatever intellectual pursuit you are engaged in.

Anyway, read both the Petraeus piece and the linked article from Betz, who explores some similar ideas. As always, discussion welcome via the blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and so forth. Help me develop my critical thinking and intellectual humility.

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