Wednesday, 18 January 2012

True opposition research

Its rare an opportunity comes along to really examine something from the back room of a campaign, without someone having altered it in some fashion. Usually it comes in a book, or a magazine article, in which someone refers to something that happened. So its a delight when something like this emerges, John McCain's opposition research file on Mitt Romney, not just an extract, the whole darn thing.

I'm not going to claim to have read every page of this, I've only read the extract, but its grim reading, hundreds of statements, every contradiction, every waver is charted in exacting detail, with dates, times and supporting quotes to go with it. The fact this is in the public domain now will only aid the anti Mitt brigade in the media (I include the blogosphere heavily in this). Also, any gaps in the research being done by those opposiung Romney will be swiftly plugged by access to this document.

It's proof, if any were needed of the sheer amount of information which is out there about public figures. Everything that Mitt Romney has ever said while in any meaningful office has been dug out and put into this document. Its almost sinister, although there's a certain amount of satisfaction to be had reading this document. It makes it very very clear that there is pretty much zero chance of Romney winning against Obama. There's pretty much no area he isn't weak in, and what he'll have to say (and has already said) to get the nomination will ensure that he's unable to win in a general election.

If you've got any interest in political campaigning, this is an invaluable document and a piece of modern history.

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