Saturday, 21 May 2011

A tentative relaunch

After a significant period of absense I've decided its time to try and get back into the blogging game. A few people have been asking me about my absense of late and I can only blame myself really, I've been working too many hours and not taking enough time to actually sit down and think about things. Happily, in the interim I've not entirely disengaged my brain, so hopefully the transition back into blogging shouldnt be too brutual.

In my absense I've become something of a follower of Thomas P.M. Barnett, someone that pretty much anyone interested in this blog will at least have heard of, so expect a fair bit of commentary around his ideas and where they intersect with my own interests. It actually took me a little while to get used to some of his concepts, but now I'm there. If you havent already seen it, then watch his excellent talk at TED

TED of course remains an unbelievably good source of some fascinating ideas. I'm immensely proud of a friend of mine, Mike, who will be speaking at TEDxJapan (I think thats the one, he's certainly speaking at one of the TED conferences soon). Mike is genuinely one of the most impressive people I know, and did some fantastic work after the earthquake in Japan. Until his speech comes on (I have no idea when that might be) watch this one about online "filter bubbles"

Things continue to be interesting in the Middle East, and the unrest is perhaps even moving into Europe via Spain right now. Regardless, it looks like Bahrain, Syria are still shaky, and Libya remains an enigma. Osama is dead, which is good news considering he has outlived his own movement by about 2-5 years. So thats a good few posts right there.

I should do a review of Kingpin by Kevin Poulson soon, one of the finest books on hacking and the hacking community so far. To be fair, thats not saying much, fiction and scholarship on hacking is woefully inadequate. I recently tried to read Underground by Suelette Dreyfus, I say tried, because it was one of the worst books I've recently tried to grind through. A book about hacking which focusses almost exclusively on inane details about the lives of those it tries to chronicle.

Anonymous will continue to be a part of what I talk about. As the organisation continues to find an identity and a focus for its activities it forms a model for... something.

I want to refocus this blog and renew it. I allowed myself to go down too many blind alleys particularly towards the end of my last run. Thats no bad thing, but I don't want to fill this space up with what amounts to pub chat.

I do want to talk about BitCoin, once I understand it. An emergant online economy it promises to be an interesting experiment if nothing else. If it is successful I see lots of exciting legislation emerging over the next couple of years to make it illegal, failing dramatically, and then who knows. Read about it and see what you think.

So, here we go again. Lets see how it goes. Thanks to those who have encouraged me to get back into this.

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