Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Cory Booker, destroying snow, with Twitter

Hat tip to TechDirt for this fantastic piece.

Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark in New Jersey, is probably one of the most clued up politicians when it comes to the social media, he's on there all the time, he responds to questions and comments from individuals, and keeps his followers up to date with what he's doing. It says a lot that I can follow his tweets and find them genuinely interesting, despite living on another continent and disagreeing with him about a large chunk of his politics.

Right now New Jersey is under an unbelievable amount of snow and Booker has used this to stage a collosally intelligent "real people" campaign. He's using Twitter to find out where people are struggling and then getting his people out to help them, or just going to their houses himself. His last tweets suggest he is out shovelling snow, he's also delivered diapers, and seems to have covered about half of Newark in his campaign to destroy all snow that lies in his path.

The best part is, that some of the blame for how bad the situation is might actually lie at his feet, but how hard is it to criticise the guy hip deep in snow clutching a shovel when he's trying to get vulnerable people what they need?

There's so much here which can be learned from its hard to know where to start. He's nailed the crisis by putting a human face on the solution, his own face, trying to inspire others to follow his example and get out to help others. He's staying on top of what must be an impossibly demanding twitter load, really connecting with people. He's also turned a potential PR disaster into something which is garnering positive coverage pretty much for everyone.

This is a man who gets social media, and gets the politics is a campaign every minute of every day. I'm literally in awe of how smart this guy (and his team) is.

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