Sunday, 12 December 2010

Amazon is coming crashing down

There are reports all over Twitter and blogspace that Amazon is down. So far confirmed domains which are not responding are .UK, .DE, .IT and .FR.

Speculation is rife that Anonymous is to blame. It remains to be seen how true this is, but given whats been going on lately, it seems pretty likely that this isnt a coincidence.

UPDATE: Amazon's European Data Services are apparently down in their entirety. If thats the case, and this does turn out to be Anonymous, its a whole other level. It is in fact, srs bsns.

UPDATE2: Speculation is now rife that a botnet was involved with a DDoS take down of Amazon, with sites now coming back online.

UPDATE3: This is a screenshot of a tweet (now taken down) from Anonops:

UPDATE4: Amazon services are back up, no word from the company as yet.

UPDATE5: Loads of speculation now, but its fair to say any Amazon site going down is a massive deal and basically unprecidented. Whatever happened was a massive problem for the company. Business Insider have a surprisingly good bit on it.

I'M CALLING IT: This wasnt Operation Payback, nor was it any conventional part of Anonymous. If it was caused by something external to Amazon itself (I still wouldnt be surprised if it turns out to be some sort of monumental internal screw up), it was a massive botnet.

Only time will tell and I need sleep.


  1. the best is yet to come

  2. Anything I should be reading? Or should I be on IRC somewhere? I'm suddenly filled with curiosity.