Thursday, 25 November 2010

Sky News, working hard to prove they're morons

UPDATE: Ian at Only Dreaming has written a far more amusing and cogent analysis of this which I thoroughly recommend you read. As its better than mine, it goes at the top.

Sky have a great story today, they're reporting that Stuxnet has been "bought", and might be used, by criminals or terrorists.

Yes, Sky News is reporting that a computer virus might be used by bad people.

My favourite quote is this:
A senior IT security source said: "We have hard evidence that the virus is in the hands of bad guys – we can't say any more than that but these people are highly motivated and highly skilled with a lot of money behind them.
Well yes, it is in the hands of bad guys, the people who wrote it in the first place. Its malicious code designed to do bad things. The people who wrote it are criminals just to start off with.

They also report as fact that it was used to target Iranian nuclear facilities, something wholly unproven. (A colleague of mine in the office just piped up with "Although the fact the Israeli Defence Minister giggles every time the virus is mentioned is a clue", tasteless, but undeniably amusing.)

The next brilliant quote is this:
Will Gilpin, an IT security consultant to the UK Government said: "You could shut down the police 999 system.

"You could shut down hospital systems and equipment.

"You could shut down power stations, you could shut down the transport network across the United Kingdom."

Well yes, we knew that, because it can in theory shut down a nuclear reprocessing facility. So saying that makes you a moron, not some sort of savant. Also, can it really do those things? Stuxnet in its current form targets one extremely specific operating system, produced for industrial processes.

I can't face writing a more detailed analysis of this article as A) I dont have time B) What would be the point? These idiots (And I'm looking specifically at the author Sam Kiley , who should know better), will keep putting this nonesense about.

Literally no part of this piece makes the journalists who reported this anything other than a complete moron in the eyes of anyone with the barest level of knowledge.

Well done Sky, as you charge boldly towards the absolute bottom of the barrel in your reporting.


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