Saturday, 27 November 2010

Proposals afoot to shut down UK based free speech on the internet

Hat tip to Guido Fawkes for this one, probably one of the most sinister things I've read in quite some time. From Order Order:
Nominet – the quasi-private entity which controls the .uk part of the internet - plans to allow the police to take down any website without recourse to the Courts. This is at the request of the Serious Organised Crime Agency.
He goes on to make a good point, that free societies don't allow police to judge right and wrong, thats what the courts are for. It means they dont have a vested interest in going after things which annoy them, like being criticised on the internet.

This sort of move is exactly the kind of bone headed idiocy which only a public body could undertake. Its an assault on free speech, and it won't work, and it has the added advantage of making the Serious Organised Crime Agency look like a bunch of squealing children who don't like it that the internet is mean about them.

Lets just say it for the record, this move won't make you safer, it won't stop bad people doing bad things, it won't get child porn off the internet or limit piracy. The only purpose it can possibly serve is to take down a limited number of targetted websites, like Fitwatch, who piss the police off.

So yes, slow handclap SOCA, once again you've made yourself look like a bunch of petty, stupid children who care more about your own power than the good of the society you serve.

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