Thursday, 11 November 2010

A collection of links, possibly to make you think

As I'm unable to find time to put togeather my own thoughts at the moment I feel like its time to share some of the best things other people have been thinking of late.

First up, a little light comedy. The Nicaraguan army accidentally invaded Costa Rica a little while ago, due to confusion caused by inaccurate Google Maps. It should be noted that when they came across a Costa Rican flag the Nicaraguan army did take it down and replace it with their own however. It has not been made clear why the army didn't use its own maps, which accurately display the border. This is probably a hat tip to TechDirt.

Ars Technica have a relatively accessable article on various techniques which might be used to confront the growing problem of botnets. Fairly niche to be sure, but botnets are a huge problem for internet infrastructure and sooner or later someone will have to sit down and talk seriously about how to deal with them.

Another good Ars Technica piece is on so called 'pirate markets'. Historically these have been physical locations, where people could go to buy things like copied DVDs and the like. Now increasingly the trend is to highlight particular internet sites as 'pirate markets'. As the RIAA continues to fail dramatically in curbing pirating its an interesting pseudo diplomatic move. Is this one aspect of the diminishing importance of countries themselves?

Two good pieces from Global Post on the Mexican drug war, the first about the Zeta cartel issuing press releases as they strengthen their hold on local media. The second (woefully out of date, but I only just found it accidentally) are some stunning photographs, along with an excellent article, on Ciudad Juarez, the most muderous city in the world.

There are two good posts on the UK and our strategic future on Zen Pundit. If you've been following recent posts on Kings of War its an excellent suppliment from a US perspective.

Finally, a white paper on 3D printing. I've not managed to read the whole thing as yet, but what I have read is extremely high quality. The title "It will be awesome if they don't screw it up" perfectly matches my own feelings on the issue. Hat tip to Global Guerrillas.

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