Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The UK has forgotten how to think strategically

James at The Campaign War Room has an excellent post, to which I dont think I can add any value, about the final analysis of the Public Administration Committee discussion on Who Does UK Grand Strategy. In essence, we've no longer got the capacity, and its not immediately clear how we get it back.

Here's the key quote:
This leads us to the profoundly disturbing conclusion that an understanding of National Strategy and an appreciation of why it is important has indeed largely been lost. As a consequence, strategic thinking has atrophied. We have failed to maintain the education of strategic thinkers, both in academia and in governmental institutions. The UK lacks a body of knowledge on strategy. Our processes for making strategy have become weakened and the ability of the military and the Civil Service to identify those people who are able to operate and think at the strategic level is poor.
I really advise you to read the whole post as James does a comprehensive analysis and draws out the key sections.

Initially I was somewhat scathing about this discussion, unfairly so. Mostly I was shocked that the discussion wasnt being had in the Defence Committee, where it might have been assessed more widely. Bernard Jenkin deserves real praise for taking the bull by the horns and leading on this important issue, long may it continue.

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