Friday, 15 October 2010

Two quick updates

Firstly, very pleased to have some of my writing picked up by the excellent team at Kings of War. David Betz has taken my writing and given his own, fascinating, slant on it. You can see the writeup and my (brief) response in the comments here.

I'm hoping to write a bit more on this topic over time due to the level of interest I've recieved from a number of sources.

In the meantime I recommend you take a look at this great article on global aging, which really digs into some of the interesting (mis)conceptions around the topic. Avaliable here.

I've got a few things to work on and I'm hoping to get a chance this weekend. Work has been a little relentless the last few days. Theres a good chance this Saturday is going to involve eating donuts and catching up on a vast amount of backdated reading.

Its a rock and roll life...

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