Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A military on the verge of collapse?

Hat tip to ZenPundit for this rather bleak look at how the US military is suffering after 9 years of 4GW in Afghanistan.

I advise you to take a look at the work, written by Fabius Maximus, which sets out very clearly how dire the circumstances are for the US military (although I imagine it'd hold true for the UK too). Here's the summary:
The US Army and Marines are breaking. It’s a slow inexorable process resulting from fighting 4GWs around the world too long with too few men. Neocon war-mongers, national leaders, and the general public remain blind to the evidence, so they can express surprise when the results eventually become too severe to ignore. It took a decade to repair the damage after Vietnam, under more favorable social and economic circumstance than likely in early 21st century America. Here we see another warning from a senior officer, and revisit data from the latest Army report about this slow-growth crisis, another in a string of similar reports.
The sort of thing that too few policy makers will take the time to read

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