Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Book reviews: Daemon and FreedomTM

James over at The Campaign War Room has been on my case for a little while to read a book called Daemon, by Daniel Suarez, and since its avaliable on Kindle (I got one a little while ago, its awesome), I figured it was time to give it, and its sequel FreedomTM, a try.

I dont want to go into the plot in too much detail, since the story is really impressive and quite surprising in places.

In essence it deals with the attempts of a group of people to form a new social order in the face of a world where corporate power increasingly dominates.

If you have an interest in networks, insurgency, resiliant communities, corporate power, hacking, cyberwar/crime, 3D fabrication, or even where your food comes from, these books cover them in one way or another. It creates a world which is entirely feasible and to some extent has already been realised and then sets it on a course towards destruction.

Its a depressing read in many ways because so much of it is entirely feasible, and I think certain elements of this book we will have to live through in our lifetimes, sad as that is to imagine.

Suarez has done something really unique with his book, he's taken a range of concepts, from an incredibly diverse range of fields, and synthesised them into something complete, a compelling narrative.

I really recommend that you go out and get both of these books as soon as humanly possible.

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