Tuesday, 29 June 2010

You're not cool enough to win with failing

Great post on techPresident about Meg Whitman (R) and her attempt to use the tools on Failblog to create an internet meme against her opponent.

This basically involved sticking up a video and picture of her opponent and writing FAIL across it, and adding a little bit of information on why this was a 'fail'. Not exactly the most adult thing she could have done, but kudos on attempting to get in with the cool kids on the interwebs.

Unfortunately Fail Blog reacted badly, putting out a statement which said:

Some of you have emailed us concerning a political attack video by the Meg Whitman campaign for California governor which features a screenshot of FAIL Blog attacking the other candidate Jerry Brown. We want to make it VERY clear that FAIL Blog nor the Cheezburger Network had any involvement or knowledge of the Whitman campaign use of a screenshot of FAIL Blog. In fact, the screenshot portrayed in the video never existed because the Whitman campaign faked the content within the screenshot. FAIL Blog or the Cheezburger Network has never been involved in any endorsement of any candidate or political party and do not plan to do so.

This is a place for humor, a place to laugh, and to have light-hearted fun poking at each other and what we see in the world. The FAIL Blog community involves liberals, conservatives and everyone across the political spectrum. And we do not endorse the use of FAIL Blog’s image or any content on any of the Cheezburger sites for anyone’s political gain.

We demand a written apology from the Whitman campaign and the removal of the video.

Personally I'm not hugely surprised by this. I would never advise a candidate get involved in creating memes directly. Its far better to allow someone else, deep in the internet, to create it then you can promote it, directly or indirectly.

This is something I'll be writing more about soon, but for now, enjoy the FAILure.


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