Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Private security firms on the scene around The Spill

Wired's Danger Room is reporting that a company called Talon Security has begun to deploy private security contractors around areas affected by the oil spill.

In a fit of raw public relations genius the security operatives are blocking journalists getting near to the spill and workers involved in the cleanup.

I'm genuinely surprised that one of the big boys in the security consulting world wasnt already there and didnt get the contract. They've usually got a 6th sense about these things and will rush operatives to the scene before any money is on the table, assuming a contract can usually be secured afterwards. Certainly thats what happened in New Orleans.

In PR terms this is an incredibly bone headed move, and will only serve to create more buzz around the idea that BP is covering things up.

The lawyers are clearly in charge of crisis comms at the moment, so little information is making its way into the public domain. What does seem to be emerging is that something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and perhaps some corners were cut to save money.

Whether being more open would help the perception of BP is probably a question for the ages, since its far too late now for them to change tack. The smart money seems to be on the company going under due to the litigation which drown them in the next few years. Alistair Heath has a good review of the likely shape this will take over at City AM.

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