Monday, 28 June 2010

Football and Maths, I don't get it

Since I have nothing of import to write about I thought I'd pop up a couple of observations about the World Cup, since I understand thats what the cool kids are all doing.

I should say, right up front, I view football (and pretty much all sport involving a ball) as the art of moving a ball around according to arbitary rules. It involves skill, but it doesnt interest or excite me particularly.

So first up, the score was 4-1 against England. But it seems there was a lot of annoyance that one goal got disallowed. Now, I'm no scientist but if 4-1 becomes 4-2, then you still lose. I dont think oneof the arbitary rules is that you get to double your score if you're scrappy.

Second, game for game, doesnt that put us on parity with North Korea? I worry that we're now equal to a country which (according to Google maps) doesnt have any roads, or indeed cities.

Anyway, that'll do me for the time being.

Ahhh, and see David Cameron, a man who is A) a Prime Minister B) Doesnt like football C) Is at the G20 sorting out the world economy, has the time to comment. Joy.

Right, time for me to go and confront the day and to let less of my mysanthropy spill across into the blog.

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