Monday, 14 June 2010

Closing debate: Personal Democracy Forum 2010

If you're interested in digital comms and how it can be used to support an elected politician you have to watch this. Saul Anuzis, Nick Bilton, Cory Booker, Arianna Huffington, Tim O’Reilly, Andrew Rasiej and Micah Sifry having a discussion about what the the utility of social media is for an elected representative.

Its worth it just for Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, and one of the few politicians who really gets that the internet is about a discussion with real people, outside the safety of your messages and the Government machine you have around you. He's fearless and clearly dedicates a substantial part of every day to discussing things with his followers. Considering that he has over a million people following him, thats no mean feat.

Booker has placed himself at the centre of a discussion about Government in Newark. He's not leading it, he's not dictating where it goes, but he's an authority on the topic (which is probably for the best, what with being Mayor and all), and so the community has formed itself around him.

He posts a few times a day, about his life, the City, and things he's seen or read which inspire him. He also writes back to people asking him questions and is open to a discussion. Its really that simple.

Its worth bearing in mind this statistic. 21397 voted for Cory Booker, 1,063,021 people follow his words on Twitter.

Nuff said, watch the video.


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