Monday, 24 May 2010

Is Government increasingly irrelevant in solving disasters?

This is something I've been musing on recently. Governments are getting smaller, companies are getting bigger. Companies are also able to access the cutting edge in virtually every field, whether that's technology, experience or information.

There has to be something to the idea that at a certain point Governments will grow to virtual irrelevance and corporations, or corporate style entities, will be the main provider of services, including disaster relief, simply because they are the ones operating in extreme environments.

The US governments total dependence on BP to solve the oil spill is a case in point, I'm sure there are others. As space exploration and exploitation is now almost wholly in the hands of the private sector any space based disasters would be dealt with by the parent companies involved, rather than the Government. (assuming there is any disaster to be 'dealt with' since space disasters will be by their very nature almost certainly unsurvivable)

In the same way that Blackwater has become a model for a corporatised military force (yes, I recognise Blackwater has major limitations in COIN and other specialised fields), will we see the emergance of a privatised disaster firm? This could be a network of people in different fields, who are 'activated' depending on the type and nature of the disaster.

Anyway, thats just a random thought which has been on my mind today.

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