Wednesday, 5 May 2010

An event for those who are interested

I'll be attending Personal Democracy Forum's General Election 2010 - Action Replay, an evening event reviewing the use of digital and social media during the campaign. To give you an overview, here's some information on the people who'll be attending:

Speakers include two of the most sought after US political strategists Mindy Finn and Joe Trippi, along with PdF’s founder Andrew Rasiej. From the UK we welcome Stella Creasy, Labour's PC in Walthamstow, Joanne Cash Conservative's PC in Westminster North, the senior strategists behind the online campaigns from the 3 main parties: Labour's Mark Hanson (new media strategist, former associate editor of, Conservative's Craig Elder (Online communities editor at the conservative party) and Lib Dem's Mark Pack (Head of Digital at Mandate Communications and co-editor Lib Dem Voice We also welcome Harry Cole editor of, Anthony Painter Commentator and Journalist, Alberto Nardelli, creator of Tweetminster and Prospect Magazine's James Crabtree
In my view the campaigns have been weak on the use of digital media, with the main innovations coming from imaginative people on the ground, however it'll be interesting to get the inside view.

If anyone else is interested in attending you can register here.


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