Monday, 19 April 2010

Worthy reading

Revolution Messaging have recently put up a review of their work on the Health Care for America Now campaign. Its well worth taking a look at and is avaliable here.

They're blowing their own trumpet pretty effectively but they do admit that the campaign wasnt perfect. The failure of the FAILElephant (ironically) is highlighted and I personally think its good that they admit that one of their tools didnt work the way it was supposed to.

One of the good things about the internet and digital tools is that they are relatively low cost and are subject to a certain amount of churn. So, your hilarious elephant didnt work out, pick up, shake off and move on.

Also worthly of note is the inclusion of SMS messages with clickthrough phone numbers. Most modern phones now support this technology, allowing you to put a phone number into a text, which the reciever can then dial with one click. I know Blackberries and iPhones also support the same function in emails, allowing you to mesh the technologies togeather without significant issue.

I don't propose to dissect the campaign here, but do take 5 minutes to take a look at the main tools and their relative success.


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