Saturday, 24 April 2010


I just finished reading Wikinomics and thought it was well worth a mention. At first I wasnt convinced, if felt too much like a book which would fall into my 'could be a long essay' category, but the more I read the more I was drawn in. Its a truly fascinating read and an engaging style throughout.

The authors, Don Tapscott and Anthony D Williams, have an encyclopedic knowledge of the topic they've chosen to address, mass collaboration. There are some interesting and in some cases amusing tales of how mass collaboration has been used in ever situation from the mining industry to IBM and the pharmacutical industry.

Clearly its almost entirely about the internet, but therein lies the charm. It embraces what is an entirely new concept and doesnt try to frame it too heavily in what has gone before. The new structures of collaboration simply do not match up in any way to the instantanous methods which are now avaliable, nor have they ever been able to match the scale at which it now operates.

Although I dont believe that mass collaboration can solve all of life's problems but it's certainly a movement which more companies should seek to exploit.

True to form the authors have a blog associated with the book, creating a forum for further discussion on collaboration. I've only just started getting into their archive of material, but it's comprehensive and easily accessable. I'd suggest getting involved in some of the discussions which go on in the comments of each article, as these are often as interesting as the article itself.

Wikinomics is so far the best book I've read on the concept of collaborative efforts on the internet and I would thoroughly recommend you at least take a look at the blog.


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