Thursday, 29 April 2010

Something to consider

As 'bigotgate' (A term which I personally loathe, along with all other 'gate' derivitives) rumbles on something occured to me. I noted in one of the papers that Brown was supposed to spend yesterday sequestered away doing debate preperation, and instead was travelling back and forward across the country and being trapped in someones living room for 40 minutes.

Brown has come resolutely last in the first and second debate, and that was with substantial amounts of preperation with his inner circle, and that was at a time when he was under 'normal' amounts of pressure. For a given value of normal. This time theres a wildly hostile press, and an increasingly hostile public, millions of whom share the opinions of yesterday's victim.

So, Brown approaches the debate tonight with far less preperation than he would normally want and under exceptional amounts of pressure due to one of the worst gaffes of modern UK history.

It remains to be seen how Brown deals with this and whether the lack of preperation is reflected in his performance. It will also be interesting to see if either of his opponents seek to raise it during the debate. His infamous anger will be lurking below the surface and an outburst on stage will do yet more damage to the campaign.

My personal prediction is that this debate will be the most interesting of the three, all the candidates are under serious pressure to give a good performance to distance themselves from the pack. With all the polling suggesting a hung parliament is inevitable there's everything to play for.


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