Thursday, 1 April 2010

The reading list

The following is a selection of books I've read which I've found helpful in getting my thoughts in order. This is by no means exhaustive, and I read a lot more widely than this selection. My advice is to read as much as you can about as much as you can. In the interim, the following books should be helpful:

Blink – Malcolm Gladwell

All's Fair: Love, War and Running for President – James Carville and Mary Matalin

Tribes – Seth Godin

Checklist Manifesto – Atul Gawade

Sling and The Stone – Col Thomas X Hammes

Ender’s Game - Orson Scott Card

Power of the Vote – Douglas Schoen

Buck Up, Suck Up – James Carville and Paul Begala

The Big Enchilada – Stuart Stevens

Behind the Oval Office – Richard Morris

Wikinomics – Tapscott, Anthony & Williams

The Unfinished Revolution – Philip Gould

Clash of Civilisations – Samuel Huntingdon

Damage Control – Eric Dezenhall

Boyd – Coram

Being Direct – Lester Wunderman

Team of Rivals – Doris Kearns Goodwin

Blink – Malcolm Gladwell

Certain to Win – Chet Richards

The Audacity to Win – David Plouffe

Back from the brink – Snowdon

Race of a Lifetime - Mark Halperin, John Heilemann

And then there’s the blogs, I tend to check in with these a couple of times a week to see what’s new. This list is a lot more electic and less directed towards campaigning, but they all offer interesting insights or just a good read:

Zen Pundit



Dizzy Thinks

Kings of War

Tech Crunch

The Campaign War Room



Boing Boing


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