Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Oh dear, its the election...

And so it begins, with fake crowds, uninspiring speeches and presumably the Liberal Democrats have reacted in some way too.

This is all froth, there are two things which will influence the outcome of this election and two things only, the campaigns in the marginal seats, and the leadership debates.

The marginal seats are where its all going to be happening. I'd put money on the fact that if you live in an even vaguely safe seat, you won't even notice theres an election on. If there's a chance the seat will switch however, you may well want to invest in a furnace to dispose of the election materials. The Tories have to pull of an electoral micacle to win this so there's everything to play for.

The leadership debates may be game changing, but only if someone screws up in a dramatic way. If David Cameron gets out his wallet and explains how he usually carries what the rest of us earn in a year on him as cash, that'd be bad. If Brown wades into the audience screaming "Brown smash" and bludgeoning people with his huge clunking fists, that'd probably be quite good for him. Most likely they'll all be polished to hell and no one will say anything dramatic.

And so it begins, not with a bang, but a whimper. 4 weeks from now we'll have a new government.


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