Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Microsoft provide the tools

I'll have more on this when I've had a proper look at the tools, but Microsoft have thrown their hats into the ring, providing tools which will help online campaigning. For the minute I'm stealing this news from Information Week - Government who say:

"Based on Windows Azure, TownHall tries to emulate the experience of being in an actual town hall meeting in a virtual environment, the company said.

Similar to Google Moderator, it allows people to ask questions, vote, read responses, and engage in a community discussion online. Windows Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing platform. As part of a strategy to take advantage of the open government initiatives, Microsoft Monday released a new cloud-based crowdsourcing platform for public officials and candidates running for office.

TownHall is part of a package of cloud-based services Microsoft unveiled Monday called Campaign Ready. The services, based on Azure, are aimed at letting candidates for public office build Web sites that can foster community discussion about issues and campaign topics."

I'll try and have something up soon in my own words.


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