Friday, 23 April 2010

Fast Transients, well worth a read

Take a moment to read Chet Richard's latest post on Fast Transients. A short post wish some excellent quotes from Boyd on tempo, relevant to my last post, my favourite being:
“The idea of fast transients suggests that in order to win or gain superiority, we should operate at a faster tempo than our adversaries or inside our adversaries’ time scales.” He concluded that if we can do this, we will appear ambiguous to our adversaries and “thereby generate confusion and disorder.”
As previously threatened I will return to Boyd time and again. In the context of this blog I want to ensure that concepts such as agility, tempo and strategy aren't lost in a general discussion regarding new technology and glitzy items. This is a blog designed to inform, and to help me expand my thoughts on strategy, particularly but not exclusively where it intersects with the online world.

If anything the online world offers more opportunity to use the philosophy underlying manuver warfare. Rapid response is the very nature of the online world, instantanous communications abound and, if capitalised on by a rapid empowered decision making structure, there is the possibility of creating a tempo which is nearly impossible to match.


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