Monday, 19 April 2010

The Conservative line becomes clear

This is just a quick update on yesterday's post. The Conservative line on the Liberal Democrat surge is now becoming clear. Wisely they are not going on the offensive, but are instead framing the debate as a vote for the Liberal Democrats being a vote which will help Labour.

I'm not sure how well this line will go down with the general public, many of whom want to feel like they are giving both Labour and the Conservatives the finger, whilst still voting for someone. Clegg is their perfect choice.

I would like to see some polling on exactly who it is who is switching to the Liberal Democrats because I have a theory. I think that what we'll see come election day is that those voting Lib Dem will be people who have switched away from the incumbent MP, but who didnt want to go for the direct opposite.

Like Goldilocks, disaffected voters, tired of the shenanigans of the major parties, are looking for something which isnt too hot, isnt too cold, but sits somewhere in the middle and is just right. As the Liberal Democrats embrace the new catch phrase "I agree with Nick", Clegg could well be the 'just right' choice for many.


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